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Royal Trucking

A Family Tradition

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Once one of the oldest businesses in Walnut Creek, Farry Granzotto started his trucking company in 1923. Roy and Bobbie Querio began working for her father's company, Granzotto Trucking in 1953 and 1955 respectively.

Roy and Bobbie founded their own trucking company, Royal Trucking, in October of 1965. They began this endeavor from their home in Walnut Creek with just seven pieces of equipment. Four months later the Querio's moved their office to Cowell, California, where the equipment was being domiciled. By the early 1970's, through tireless ambition and fortitude, the Querio's had increased their fleet size six times to a total of 42.

Throughout the 80's and 90's while the Company continued to experience great strides in growth, the third generation began to work for Royal Trucking. Today, Roy and Bobbie's three children and two sons-in-law have joined Royal Trucking, committed to carrying on this family tradition.

Construction Materials Hauling

Royal Trucking is experienced in highway and road construction, development site work, soil stabilization, and interplant hauls. We understand the construction and materials business, and can respond quickly with a large number of trucks when needed. Our experience with similar jobs means that we can provide you with the best value in transporting your products.

Bulk and Specialty Materials Hauling

Royal Trucking is experienced in hauling dry bulk products. Our large fleet of modern pneumatic trucks transports cement, fly ash, slag, limestone, gypsum, and a wide variety of industrial products. Our customers know that they can count on us to handle any of their special hauling needs. From materials as fine as baby powder to materials over 200 degrees Fahrenheit; Royal delivers.

We know that timely deliveries are critical to the success of your project. We have a reputation of delivering products on time, with the proper equipment, and by experienced personnel.